Hans Super Abrasive Diamond Tool Co.,Ltd

Hans Super Abrasive Diamond Tool Co.,Ltd

Audited Supplier China 8 year
Main Products: Abrasive Grinding Wheels, Diamond Abrasive Tools, Lapidary Diamond Tools, Diamond Tools, Flexible Diamond Abrasive Products, Lapidary Grinder and Polisher
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We are proud to be a leading manufacturer of Super Abrasives, delivering cutting-edge technology and top-quality products and services to a wide range of industries. Our high-performance diamond tools are designed for use in Glass, Textile, Metal, Automotive, Bearing, Aviation, Cutting Tools, and Gemstone Industries. With unmatched expertise in grinding and polishing for Bearing, Glass, Stone, and Construction, Composites, Superhard Coating, Porcelain, and Hardware, we continue to be a leading innovator in the fields of Cutlery, Oil and Gas, Surface Conditioning, and Wood Products. Our extensive product line includes diamond wheels, diamond flat laps, diamond wire saws, diamond saw blades, diamond tools, diamond resin wheels, diamond resin belts, diamond smoothing pads, sintered diamond wheels, sintered diamond faceting laps, sintered diamond laps, sintered diamond core drills, sintered diamond burs, and sintered diamond bits. We offer more than 10,000 precisiā€¦

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