Yongjia South Trading Co.,Ltd

Yongjia South Trading Co.,Ltd

Website: www.n-lvalve.com
Audited Supplier China 7 year
Main Products: Power Station Valve, High Pressure Gate Valve, High Pressure Check Valve, Y Type Strainer, Basket Type Strainer, Wafer Dual Plate Check Valve

Yongjia South Trading Co.,Ltd is joint venture company of Zhejiang Chaolian Valve Co.,Ltd(http://www.sl-v.cn) which was established in 2016 with the target to prompt industry stainers and all type of valves business worldwide easily and effectively. All our team members are come from reputable factory in Oubei Town, Wenzhou City with average 8 years working experiences. We have stable relationship with professional factory for high pressure valve, industrial strainer, plug valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, valve spare parts as well as casting/forging foundry. Compare with other factory or trading company, we can have better support from the factory in price, technical specification response, delivery time, payment term and prompt aftersale services. The main partners we worked together since 2016 are foucs on power station valve, high pressure gate valve, high pressure check valve, Y type strainer, basket type strainer, lubricate plug valve, trunnion metal se…

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