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Main Products: Shoe Making Machines, Industiral Sewing Machines, Leather Products Making Machines, Leather Belt Making Machines, Eyeleting And Riveting Machines, TPU TPR PVC Sole Injection Machines
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DGSF MACHINERY TECH CO.,LTD was established in 1993, main for developing and manufacturing footwear machines,leather products machines, such as computer automatic cutting equipment series, pattern stitching machine series, moccasin stitching machine series, special inside and outside threats sewing machine series, Goodyear shoes making equipment series,Martin boots making equipment series, bag making equipment series,leather belt making equipment series etc., Our company purchase parts from the most reliant supplier in China, adopt a large number of our original technology, strive for perfection, All the patents we've got show our company's strength and achievements, prompted our machines that have been standing on the top of this industry field in 2014, the company expanded its production scale and equipped with more advanced production equipment, our products are favored by more and more foreign customers and sold to more than 60 countries and regions. With 23 years working experien…

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