ChaoHui Beauty Salon Equipment Co., Ltd.

ChaoHui Beauty Salon Equipment Co., Ltd.

Audited Supplier China 8 year
Main Products: Facial Bed, Salon Chair, Spa Chair, Shampoo Chair, Beauty Salon Trolley, Master Chair

Jiangmen City Xinhui District Chaohui Beauty Salon Equipment Co., Ltd. There are 90 workers. With plant area 18,000 square meters. Engages in developing and manufacturing barber and beauty chairs, beds and other products. Relying on its strong technical force and advanced equipment, the perspicacious company aims at the international and domestic barber and beauty chair and bed market. Provided with a group of experienced designers, the company has been constantly improving the product quality, and developed many new ergonomics-based products, including barber chairs, facial chairs, shampoo chairs, beauty chairs, massage chairs, massage beds, etc. The development idea of each product comes from the users; each product is comfortable and durable, which reflects the high-tech quality and strict quality assurance of Chaohui; and each product has been well received since entering market for its noble and unique style and exquisite workmanship. All of the products accord with export certifiā€¦

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