Jiangsu Horyen Composites Co.,Ltd.

Jiangsu Horyen Composites Co.,Ltd.

Audited Supplier China 12 month
Main Products: Carbon Fiber Fabric, Carbon Fiber Tube, Carbon Fiber Sheet And Cnc, Aramid Fiber Products, UHMWPE Fiber Products, Glass Fiber Products

Jiangsu Horyen Composites Co.Ltd was founded in Feb, 2016 and the factory was founded in 2002 which is specilized in various carbon fiber fabric, aramid fiber products, uhmwpe fiber products and glass fiber products,etc. The registered capital of our company is RMB 15,800,000 and the floor area is about 15,000 sq.m. With 20+ years` production experience and continuous innovation, we`ve already achieved customers` affirmation and trust based on our good reputation. Horyen company adheres to scientific and technological development and keeps track of the development of the latest technologies in the high-performance material industry. At the same time, Horyen company also actively seeks cooperation with scientific research and design units, so that the enterprise can be at the first time to put high quality, high value-added and marketable products into the market.

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