Changzhou Hywell Machinery Co,.Ltd

Changzhou Hywell Machinery Co,.Ltd

Audited Supplier China 9 year
Main Products: Drying Machine, Mixing Machine, Granulating Machine, Grinding Machine, Vibration Sieve, Coating Machine

About Us Hywell Machinery is a market leader in one stop smart pharmaceutical production solution experts and your premier one stop solution pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer. Hywell Machinery main products include High Shear Granulator, Fluid Bed Dryer, Fluid Bed Processor, Fluid Bed Granulator, Vacuum Conveying, Bin Blender, 3D Mixer, Vacuum Dryer and so on. Hywell Machinery custom design your project according to your process and layout requirements. As process equipment, we resolved a lot of process problems for clients during 20 years. Hywell Machinery realized the application is key important, that is why we focus on integrating process and machinery, resolve your process problems. Expertise from lab to production processes defined by your product. Hywell Machinery also have the laboratory machinery that include the lab granulator, lab powder mixer and lab drying machine. Hywell Machinery has special kinds of dust-free solid dosageā€¦

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